I’m just going to put this out there: I am a huge fan of One Direction- I think they are adorable and so talented!!! But the hate that some of their fans have for other people really hurts. If they aren’t able to have personal lives due to people being hated on, do you honestly think they are going to love you? They will probably end up falling apart, and it will be the fans faults. I fully support their relationships, because obviously it makes them happy.

&for the record. Taylor Swift is my hero. Her ‘British accent’ is actually her guy voice. And in the song 22 there is a line that says ‘dress up like hipsters.’ Harry Styles -as several of you have said- dresses like a hipster. Taylor wrote the song before dating him. Taylor’s video reflects the song. Not her most recent boyfriend. What she is wearing in the video does not revolve around Harry Styles. Plus, the song is about having fun and partying with your best friends. Take a listen before you judge. She does NOT just write about breakups.

Oh and she officially has more Grammys, then had boyfriends. 7. Your points are irrelevant.

So sick of this hate. Why can’t we all just love and be happy? :)